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Cat's mother

Да-а, а вот такого вы почти наверняка не слышали! И, возможно, даже не читали.


"Who's 'she', the cat's mother?
(idiomatic, somewhat dated, UK) A rebuke especially directed towards children for having referred to a woman as "she", instead of using her name or an appropriately repectful title.
"She's coming on the trip with us too!"
"Who's 'she', the cat's mother?"
"Sorry, gran is coming with us too."

Более подробное объяснение:


"It's when you refer to someone as 'she' while they're actually present. The polite thing to do is to refer to them by their name.

'She is the cat's mother' is saying 'you don't use the word 'she' for someone that is present. You would only use 'she' for a person who isn't present, or a creature that doesn't have a name. Your cat probably has a name, so you wouldn't normally use 'she' even for your cat. You might use 'she' for the cat's mother, though, since the cat's mother is probably deceased by now, or maybe you got the cat from somewhere else and the cat's mother was never part of the household.'

That's roughly what 'She is the cat's mother' means, I think, but the reality is, it's just what people traditionally say to rebuke someone for saying 'she' when they should have used the person's name."

То есть, перевожу: когда кто-нибудь (чаще всего ребенок) говорит о ком-то из присутствующих "она", у него спрашивают: "Кто такая "она", кошкина мамка, что ли?" Подразумевая, что так можно говорить только об отсутствующей безымянной кошке, но никак не о бабушке. Чисто британское, несколько устаревшее.

По-русски, увы, аналогов, кажется, не существует (если кто подкинет, буду признателен), у нас говорят просто "Кто это "она"?"
Tags: Английский язык, Лингвистическое, Переводческое

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